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Why Girls Have GOT To Stop Calling Each Other Psycho

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

    Certain words in our language really get you good. There are specific swear words that hold more weight, and hurtful words that carry a harder punch. Some words fall under the radar. These are words that are used so commonly we don’t think twice about what we’re saying. We throw these overused words around like Oprah throws out free stuff, which, let’s be real, is all the time.




         Among the common girl vernacular, the word “psycho” seems to be at the top of the list. People throw it around causally and forget the fundamentals of the word itself. Whenever a girl is called a psycho, or feels that she has done something of that sort, she starts questioning everything.

         It’s time that stops. Being called a “psycho” makes people go… well… psycho. It’s the one word that makes a girl question her behavior and her validity in her actions.

         Psycho is used in two forms: accusing and defending.



         If a girl acts with emotion rather than logic, what does that make her? A psycho.  A girl acts quickly without thought? Psycho. A girl who comes off as too upfront? We got a major psycho on our hands.

         Using psycho in the accusing form is just another way for a girl to insult someone else. It also, being totally honest, is a way for the speaker to reaffirm that they are not crazy. By calling someone else a psycho, you are stripping away their right to act how they please.

         Psycho as a description for someone else puts that person on another level. It’s as if normal people are all gathered together on some grassy plain doing totally normal things, and the psychos are scrambling around a dry desert blindly screaming and yelling.

         I can accurately say every single girl (and boy for that matter) has at some point in his or her life been in this desert. We’ve all felt like psycho’s in our actions or words. AND THAT’S TOTALLY OKAY. We are humans who can’t always explain why we do things that we do, which sucks, but who cares. Everyone falls in this same boat. The word psycho creates this notion that we can’t feel or act a certain way. To hell with that I say.



         Girls frequently call themselves a psycho, but to come to their own defense. For instance, say a girl may have snapped at a professor, a boyfriend, family member, or friend. You get the following statements:

“Oh gosh. Sorry I was being so psycho last night.” OR  “That was really psycho of me, right?”

         It’s as if using this one word debunks the entire occurrence. By acknowledging that you agree, what you did may have been a little crazy, you feel like you’re off the hook.

         Instead of owning up to your thoughts and emotions, this single word allows you to brush whatever happened out of sight out of mind. I think that acting like something never ever happened is (dare I say it) a little bit crazy. Nobody should discredit themselves, their reactions, or their thoughts.

         Overall, the word psycho has got to go. It’s overused and outdated. It’s time we allow each other to speak freely, act freely, and become free of this overhanging fear that we may be called crazy.