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If you’ve read my previous article titled “Living with Four Dudes: Do’s and Don'ts”, you’d know that one, I live with a bunch of men and two, we’re all pretty close to one another. Because of that article and the general relationship I have with all of my roommates, a lot of people have compared my life to the hit sitcom New Girl (one of my all time favorite shows by the way!) The majority of people mainly want to know if my roommates resemble any of the characters from New Girl. After thinking about it for a few days, I think I’ve paired them somewhat perfectly. 


6. Russell Shiller - Dale (@dale.kang13)

Technically, Dale isn’t an official roommate. We sorta adopted him and made him an honorary member of our apartment during the snowstorm that happened in February (his apartment flooded and he stayed with us for about three weeks!) Now, Dale hangs around our apartment almost every week, joins us on every adventure and expedition, and we genuinely love having him around. So, I felt like he had to be included in this. Out of all the characters in New Girl, Dale would be Russell Shiller- Jess’s very wealthy, salt-and-pepper ex boyfriend. Dale is Russell because, even though he’s one of the younger roomies, he’s the most mentally mature. I can talk to him about literally anything, I trust his advice, and he’s a Computer Science major- so we know he’s gonna make bank in the future, just like Russ does. 


5. Principal Foster - Hyungjoo (@hyungboy131)

While Hyungjoo is one of the “official” roommates, he basically lives with his girlfriend and is barely around (Hyungjoo, if you’re reading this, we still love and appreciate you!) That’s why I paired him with Principal Foster- Jess’s super eccentric boss. Hyungjoo is FUNNY and doesn’t take anything too seriously, just like Principal Foster. His jokes and obliviousness have landed him into some trouble, which is very characteristic of Principal Foster. 


4. Winston Bishop - Greg (@suligreg)

Ah Greg. Our apartment’s lovable weirdo. There are no words to describe how refreshingly peculiar this man is. Both Greg and Winston’s quirks provide comedic relief and genuinely make life seem a little less serious. Just like Winston, Greg has these “characters” that he likes to play. His most notable one would be “British Greg”. When he’s had a little bit too much to drink, Greg breaks out his British accent as quickly as Winston becomes Theodore K. Mullins in the episode “Kryptonite”. Like Winston, Greg also likes attention. I low-key wouldn’t put it past him if he threw himself a “honey roast” like the one Winston throws in “Big News”. Greg is also shockingly nocturnal just like Winston was when he had that job as radio talk-show host for Bells. Lastly, I could see Greg playing semi-professionally for a basketball team in Latvia just like Winston did.


3. Coach - Daniel (@daniel6kim)

Out of all the pairings, I am most proud of this one. Daniel is 100% Coach because he is the most athletic member of our apartment but he is also the biggest softie- especially when it comes to the ladies. He commits hard and he commits fast but you wouldn’t know it just by looking at him. Like Coach, Daniel lives in shorts and a t-shirt (or a sweat set) and also doesn’t take life too seriously. He gets along with everyone like Coach does and is low-key the life of the party (just don’t tell him that; his ego’s gonna get as big as Coach’s hehe). 


2. Schmidt - Calvin (@calvinpradian)

Actually, wait, THIS is the pairing I’m most proud of. If Daniel is 100% like Coach, Calvin is 1000% like Schmidt. They both love buying luxury suits and looking dapper- like they could walk into a business meeting at any point throughout the day. They’re both popular with the ladies and make an effort to woo and swoon every chance they get. We definitely need a “douchebag jar” for Calvin sometimes, but he’s definitely not as outrageously cocky as Schmidt is sometimes. Lastly, out of everyone in our apartment, Calvin wants to be the richest- just like Schmidt. Calvin’s even part of a startup like Schmidt was when he made that atrocious “swuit” (except Calvin’s startup is soooo much more impressive; keep a lookout for him in the dental world). 


1. Nick Miller - Kevin (@kevinbailey99)

Last, but certainly not least, we have Kevin as Nick Miller. I paired these two together because they are the definition of “I do what I want” and have massive go with the flow energy. While they both have dreams and aspirations, their dream jobs aren’t ones that keep them behind a desk. While Nick took the bar, passed, and could have been a lawyer, he ended up owning a bar and being a bartender because his heart loves booze. While Kevin is a Corporate Communications major and has an internship at AT&T (ayo, accomplished roommates check), his dream job is to be a pilot because it’s exciting and it’ll give him new experiences every day. Kevin, just like Nick, cannot cook to save his life (throwback to Nick’s special sauce recipe) and is high-key a conspiracy theorist. I mean, conspiracy enthusiast. Like Nick, Kevin is a good balance of everything and is overall, the dad of our apartment complex. 


Shout out to the boys for being so open to me writing about them. If you know any of them and also watch New Girl, let me know what y’all think of my pairings and if there’s a better one for them out there! As always, hope y’all liked reading this week’s article and I’ll see you in the next one!


Delphi Pradiana

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