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What Your Fave Study Spot Says About Your TikTok Aesthetic

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Midterms are coming around and I’m really feeling the heat from my packed course schedule.

Texas Union – Dark Academia/Whimsigoth

Stroll up the stairs to floor 2 to find gorgeous wood paneling, marble tables, and glistening chandeliers. Take your pick between quaint mini tables and large study rooms for group work. This is my favorite study area on campus. It’s quiet and you have your choice between different lighting (bright or dim) and seating areas (benches, sofas, chairs). This baby is open 7 days a week and until 11 pm on weekdays (10 on weekends) which makes it a rarity among vintage buildings on campus. Often called the “living room for students”, it has a cozy and comforting vibe made magical by the moody decor.

South Mall – Soft girl/cottage-core

Green lawns and statues as far as the eye can see. Need I say more? Dig out a picnic blanket or yoga mat and plop yourself down to touch grass while working. During the day it’s lively with throbbing crowds of students rushing to class and it turns magical at nighttime. It’s verdant and filled with lush greenery made vibrant by the saturation of old streetlamps and the twinkling sky. Enjoy the calm with only the rushing of the Littlefield fountain in the background.

Life Sciences Library – Light Academia

The second most Hogwarts-like library on campus (the first goes to the closed Architecture library). The ceilings are brightly painted with exposed slabs that recite quotes from famous philosophers. There are wide floor-to-ceiling windows stretching across the walls and potted plants strewn across the tables to make you feel closer to nature outside. Pop open a classical music playlist and you’re halfway to becoming a poet already.

Architecture Courtyard – Kawaii/Fairycore

A hidden gem on campus (please don’t overcrowd). Each corner of the courtyard boasts heirloom cherry blossom trees that make the plaza bloom with life in the spring. It’s pink and I’m loving it. A bubbling spring grounds the area with marble and tile plating surrounding it. Palm trees sway gently in the wind and you can smell contentment in the air. Very cute.

William C. Powers Student Activity Center – Normcore/That Girl

Starbucks and Chik-fil-A, what more do you need for a balanced diet? I kid. Besides the amenities, this building boasts a wide variety of mixed-learning areas to fit your studying needs. Whether you enjoy bright saturated colors with rumbling fireplaces, open window concepts, and elevated seating, or rooftop lounges with greenery, there’s something for everyone here.

Perry-Castañeda Library – Grunge

I will not elaborate. You know why.

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