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What TikTok Has Made Me Buy: Room Decor Edition

We all know what it’s like to go down the TikTok rabbit hole and the next thing you know hours have passed. Well in my case not only do I go down the rabbit hole, but I also buy things that I most DEFINITELY do not need. So with that being said, I’ve compiled a list of the top items I didn’t need but have elevated my room.

The Mellow Sunset Lamp

The first item is a sunset lamp. Living in Austin in a tiny apartment with no bedroom window has TRANSFORMED my space. I bought the orange/red one and this mini lamp imitates what a sunset would look like and comes in multiple different colors, depending on what sunset you want! Also, it makes me feel like it’s golden hour 24/7. I love it and it’s a good buy to brighten up a bedroom.

Colorful Bendy Candles

The infamous colorful bendy candles. This one was more of a DIY situation and I went to my local Hobby Lobby and bought random stick candles in multiple colors and did the trick! I put them in hot water and bent them while they were still warm in the water. Then I just put them around my apartment and they came out great! SO go to your local craft store or buy on Amazon because they spice up anything.

Chill Pill Pillow

Throw pillows are essential in any good room and as a very stressful person this only seemed fitting. A light blue and white pillow shaped like a pill and has the words “Chill Pill” written on it. It’s so tiny and simple, the pillow matches with anything and everything. Not only that it adds more personality than a solid color throw pillow. I got mine off of Amazon!

Heart-Shaped Mirror

I never have a small enough mirror to get close to when doing my makeup, until I bought this one. It lights up and can hold accessories at the bottom of it. Not to mention it’s light purple, lights up, and is shaped like a heart. The best purchase because it allows me to get up close and see EVERYTHING on my face. If there’s one thing on this list to buy, it’s this mirror. Urban Outfitters has outdone themselves, as usual. 

I hope y’all find new things to help maximize all spaces! If none of these are appealing to you, go on Urban Outfitters and look under the home section, they have a ton of great stuff right now. Happy room decor hunting!

Hi! I'm studying Advertising at the University of Texas at Austin. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, going on walks, and reading.
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