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What to Know Before Donating Your Hair

I recently decided to cut most of my hair off. Making this decision was very difficult, but what ultimately made my mind up for me was knowing my hair was long enough to donate. For about 6 years I have been growing out my hair, and was always very concerned about how it looked. How my hair looked very much contributed to how I felt about myself. I realized, though, that some people don’t have any hair to help their self-confidence. They have to rely on other things to help them feel good about themselves, but even then sometimes their confidence can waiver. Wigs are a good way to help people with conditions that cause them to lose their hair get their confidence back, but they can be very expensive. There are many programs that can donate wigs to people with special circumstances, but to do that, they need donations of hair from people who are able to donate it. Before cutting my hair I did research on which places took donations of hair, and which ones were the best at giving wigs away completely free of charge.


Places to Donate

Wigs for Kids:


  1. Hair must be at least 12 in. and cannot be permed or color treated.

  2. Hair must be dry before shipping so it doesn’t mold.

  3. Part hair into four sections to ensure the longest donation.

  4. Make sure each section is wrapped tightly in a ponytail holder, and cut hair above the rubber band.

  5. Wrap all ponytails in tissue paper and seal inside a ziplock bag.

  6. Mail hair in envelope or small box to

Wigs for Kids Hair Donations

24231 Center Ridge Road

Westlake, Ohio 44145

Other Info:

  • Wigs are provided to a child with no cost to the family

  • Each wig takes about 20-30 ponytails to make

  • They accept money donations along with their hair donations

  • Every recipient also receives a year’s worth of hair care products

Pantene Beautiful Lengths:


  1. Hair must be at least 8 in.  

  2. Hair cannot be dyed or bleached and cannot be more than 5% gray

  3. Put hair into a tight ponytail and cut above the rubber band

  4. Put ponytail into ziplock bag and mail inside an envelope to

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Attn: 192-123

806 SE 18th Ave

Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Locks of Love:


  1. Hair that is colored or permed is acceptable

  2. Bleached hair is not usable

  3. Hair must be held in a ponytail and not swept off the floor

  4. Hair that is shaved or dreadlocks are not acceptable

  5. Hair must be at least 10 in.

  6. In envelope include hair and hair donation form. Send to

Lock of Love

234 Southern Blvd.

West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Other Info:

  • Gray hair is accepted, but will be sold to offset manufacturing costs

  • Shorter hair will be separated and sold to offset manufacturing costs

  • Wigs are donated only to children

  • You can send in pictures with your hair, as well as a monetary donation

  • The wigs take about 6-10 ponytails to make


I chose to send my hair to Locks of Love because that is the program I have hear the most about. I know several people who have donated to Locks of Love, so I felt most comfortable donating to them. Cutting my hair was a very scary thing to do, but knowing my hair would go to a child in need made it easier to do.

I am a third year English major hoping to become a book editor. I have been writing for HerCampus for one year, and am excited to work as a Co-Editor this year. I love reading and staying home with my cat, Luna.
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