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As another school year kicks into full swing so does West Campus leasing season. Navigating rent and location questions is often a confusing time for most people new to the process of signing apartment leases. Here are some important things to also consider when picking out your home for next year.

1.) How much is the parking?

2.) Are pets allowed and what fees come with them (pet rent, deposits, etc)?

3.) Are utilities included? (wifi, electricity, water, etc)

4.) How long does maintenance take to respond to requests on average?

5.) How far is this complex from campus?

6.) What kind of premiums are charged? (floor fees, window fees, etc)

7.) How thin are the walls?

8.) Is the apartment furnished?

9.) Does the management own any other properties on West Campus?

10.) Are the streets near the complex well-lit?

Hello! I am a psychology major at UT Austin and am super excited for this semester.