Weathering Life's Storms

Last month Texas was hit by one of the worst snow storms and longest freezes in decades. Thousands were left without power, heating, or water. It was quite literally a disaster. 

A few weeks later and I still feel like I’m recovering from the after effects, be it catching up on school or just trying to figure out how to relax again. Even if you weren’t in Texas during the storm, we all find ourselves braving different kinds of storms throughout life. 

If you’re walking through something stressful right now or just want to practice some self love, here are a few ways you can slow down and take care of yourself.

  1. 1. Spend some time outside 

    I think it’s fair to say that most of us spend the majority of our time on our laptops working on projects and sitting through zoom calls. Now more than ever, you’ve got to get yourself outside. There is something so life-bringing about getting in the sun and doing something outside of your room. If you’re up for it, try going for a hike or playing a game outside with your friends. 

  2. 2. Do something for yourself

    Whether it’s picking up your favorite drink at Starbucks or taking a nice bath, sometimes doing something for yourself is just what you need. Doing nice things for other people may feel more natural, but sometimes you need to be your own best friend and do something that will make you feel good.

  3. 3. Get some sleep

    I find during times of stress I’m often not getting the amount of sleep I need. This usually makes everything worse until I finally rest. Some days I finish my classes and immediately take a short nap. Other times I’ve had to learn how to end my days early so I can get in an extra hour or two of sleep.

  4. 4. Talk with your friends and family

    While living through difficult situations, it’s not uncommon to feel closed off. But usually this is the opposite of what you need. This is the time to call up your best friend or your mom and let all the feels out. Sometimes taking the time to voice our thoughts helps us realize new things, or just takes a weight off our shoulders.

These are just a few ways I take care of myself when life is challenging. I’m always surprised by how much of a difference just one of these can make in how I feel. Still, sometimes there are things in life that take a lot more than a coffee or a good walk outdoors can fix. If you find yourself in that situation the best advice I can give anyone is to talk to somebody. We all experience different hardships throughout our lives, but it’s how we learn to walk through with them that matters.