Waves of Peace--An Original Poem

Waves of Peace


As I slowly step forward the

soles of my feet are scraped

from the grainy ground.


Heat surges through me.

Pulsates through my veins.

Sun rays pound on the outside,

yearning to boil me from within.


Salty droplets inch down me,

leaving  a trail of moisture.

Matted hair cements to the back of my neck.


The wind whispers hello, sending a

quiver creeping down my spine.


Eyes adjusting to the sun’s reflection

off  each rhythmic wave,

I stand staring in awe.

Waves of sapphire rolling atop

deep iciness of navy.  


Stepping forward the frothy fingers of water

pull me in with the tide, and

slowly pick me up off tender feet.

Waves welcome me with relief.


I finally feel at peace.