War-A Poem

Just like everyone else, I receive brochures and phone calls from military recruiters. I don’t know if it’s because they’re required to call everyone my age or what. All I know is that the calls and letters keep coming. And every single time, I refuse over the phone and throw the letters away.

I’m not going to war.

I walk past the flyers and I see the advertisements. And just like almost every other flyer I see, I ignore them.

I’m not going to war.

I’ve seen a war movie or two in my time. I’ve read about war history and watched documentaries. And don’t get me wrong, I think it’s very brave of them to be willing to sacrifice so much. In fact, I think it’s above me.

I’m not going to war.

I join a pacifist organization in college and I go to the peace protests. I try to use what little of a voice I have to prevent war when I can. I’m not naïve, though. I know war can’t always be stopped. Not by tiny me. And sometimes, not by anyone.

I don’t just see it in the news or in the war stories. I see it all the time

On my doorstep. In the eyes of the people around me. In the mirror.

I’m not going to war.

Because war is already wherever I am.

Everyday life is where the fight is. It’s a different type of war.

But it can kill you just the same.

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