Vines to Get You Through Finals Week

Vine may be dead, but we aren’t (yet).

Stay strong my fellow Longhorns.



1. "It's finals week, you know what that means."

For those moments when you just feel like asking for help.


2. "What's up, I'm Jared."

What goes through my brain when I look at the final exam.


3. My Last 3 Brain Cells:

Me: “I’m actually gonna study tonight”


4. When that one kid with a 3.94 GPA complains



5. When your parents ask how you are

“I’m fine mom.”


6. When you see high schoolers taking college campus tours

“Honey, you got a big storm coming.”


7. Professors when they're grading our exams



8. Us after we're done with all out finals

*Passes out*


9. Me trying to understand the materials being covered


10. Looking at my  grades after they're posted to Canvas