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A View Like No Other

Looking outside at this beautiful campus on a bright and sunny day I can’t help but wonder:  Why is it so darn cold outside? I may have only gone to one class but I sure did shiver the entire way there.   Just as always I will get warmer throughout the day, but this morning is not bearable without a jacket. It looks so gorgeous from inside my room but I guess looks really are deceiving. One of the reasons I love this darling city of Austin is because of the bright sun and warm days that allow my closet to be filled with summer dresses. Now I have to go out and start shopping for sweaters before it’s too late. Don’t get me wrong, it is way colder in my hometown and I managed to live there for eighteen years, but I just hate the cold. As the tower shines in the sunlight I can’t help think about the many students braving the wind to get to class. While the sky remains a nice blue tint, I am positive several students have ears that are red. In all seriousness it could be worse and I should be grateful to live in such a beautiful city. I am lucky enough to see our campus from an outstanding view. Then again, my hatred for the cold still remains as passionate as ever. 

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