Update Your Fall Wardrobe like a Pro

It’s not unusual with the transition from summer to fall that your closet may look an entire season behind. Heck, if you are anything like me, your closet may be a couple seasons behind! No worries, though. There are simple tips and tricks that’ll help you easily transition your closet with cost and fashionability in mind.


Tip #1: Find your style.

How many times have you stood dumbfounded in your closet, clothes strewn about the floor, entirely stressed because you “have nothing to wear”? Girl, you are not alone. Everyone has been there about a million times, but the fix to this issue is oddly easy; find your style.


Find, develop and hone in on your style. It’ll make shopping a thousand times easier and since all your pieces will have a collective sense of identity (either preppy, chic, boho or glamourous), it’ll be super easy to create eye-catching outfits.


Tip #2: Budget. Budget. Budget.

Updating any wardrobe can easily be a hassle. But, simplify your trouble by creating and sticking to a budget. Once found out, find stores within your allotted amount of spending. After that, the hard work is mostly done. Head to the back of the stores, where they usually keep the sale or clearance items, and shop to your heart's content. Remember to keep your intended style in mind.


Tip #3: Versatility.

Shop with use in mind. Nothing is wrong with a  few eye-catching pieces, but shop with versatility. Buy tops that are interchangeable with skirts, slacks, jeans or pants and vice versa. In doing this, you’ll never find yourself running out of outfits. Further expand your wardrobe by purchasing dresses and skirts to add a sleek look to any fit you put together.


Tip #4: Snap, crackle and pop.

Remember when I said nothing is wrong with a few eye-catching pieces? Nothing could be more true. But level up your wardrobe by adding a few “Wow, I wonder where she got that from” type garments. Bold prints, silks, metallics and lace are an awesome way to do this. Since it is autumn, outerwear provides the perfect opportunity to provide you with those standout pieces.  


Tip #5: Shoes are just as important.

Look good from head to toe. Don’t be the girl whom outfits look so good until you reach her feet! The right shoes can either set any outfit off, or set it way back. Begin your shoe shopping haul by purchasing shoes to your preference (either open-toe, closed toe, heeled, or no heel) in basic colors (remember black goes with everything. literally). Once covered, if you find yourself with extra money go for those boldly colors shoes. Don’t forget to shop with versatility on the forefront of your mind.