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University of DANI: Bold Handbags for College Students

This semester, Her Campus at Texas partnered with Danielle Nicole handbags to celebrate the launch of their new DANI line. A company centered around innovative designs and brand partnerships – they’ve collaborated with the likes of Hello Kitty, Marvel, Harry Potter, and Disney – Danielle Nicole delivers striking handbags for everyday wear. The DANI collection features designs inspired by Minnie and Mickey Mouse, combining fashion and pop culture to showcase four unique personality types: artsy, classic, bold, and feminine. From dainty crossbody bags to trendy backpacks, the DANI collection offers a unique statement piece for every Gen Z college student. You can now find the collection available through Khol’s, and read below for an exclusive interview with Danielle Nicole founder Danielle DiFerdinando!

“The best way to achieve your goals is through passion, hard work, and kindness.”

-Danielle DiFerdinando

What was your inspiration behind founding Danielle Nicole handbags? 

“I’ve always loved accessories, and I view handbags as the statement accessory to your look. I wanted to create a line of chic, colorful, statement bags that are functional for everyday use. When I started my license collections, it was about bringing out the storytelling in each handbag, playing with each character’s personality.”

How did you go about successfully securing brand partnerships? 

“I aimed to bring a new vision to each license, where the products were unique, and the design spoke for itself. Not only did I strive to create pieces that had never been done before, but I found it’s very important to show my thought process and passion behind each partnership.”

How do you envision your new DANI line interacting with college students? 

“For DANI, I want to bring together a community that combines both pop culture and fashion fans. University of DANI will be a group where you can network and connect with others. In college and in my career, networking and relationships were some of the most important tools to success. In return, I love to mentor students through the NRF Foundation. I love to hear their goals and help them harness their talents.”

What are your favorite qualities about Minnie and Mickey? 

“My favorite quality about Minnie is her feminine yet classic style, and the fact that she is kind and always radiates positivity. Her messages are the foundation of the University of DANI, spreading a cheerful and positive attitude. 

For Mickey – I love that he is a true classic, playful, and cheerful! In this collection I wanted to bring out his fun, bold colors, and characteristics. For example, the backpack zipper puller features his iconic white glove.”

Which product are you most excited about from the new DANI collection? 

“That’s such a hard question, I’m excited for all the designs! The line focuses on modernizing timeless characters for everyday wear and consists of 11 styles. They combine well-known iconography of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, and each bag was influenced by four different personalities: artsy, feminine, classic, and bold.” 

What advice do you have for aspiring female entrepreneurs? 

“It’s important to write down your goals and create a road map for yourself on how to achieve them. Not everything will go as planned, and you need to be ready to pivot issues as they arise. The key to problem solving is to always keep a positive outlook and focus on a solution. The best way to achieve your goals is through passion, hard work, and kindness.”


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Chandler is a senior at UT double majoring in English and Chinese while pursuing a Certificate in Global Management. She currently serves as one of HerCampus Texas' Campus Correspondents and adores live music, dogs, friends, and mindful living ♥
Sharing everything I know about the world of Gen-Z fashion, beauty, college, and micro-influencing! IG: @siarahmaz TikTok: @siarahmaz2.0
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