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Unconventional Coffee Hot Spots on Campus

With the quickly changing weather, workload, and activities I experience as a UT student, one thing stays constant: my love for coffee. As a self-admitted coffee addict, I am always looking to try all new things related to coffee. On campus, we have tons of places available to us that serve great coffee. While some of them are pretty obvious, others are unexpectedly amazing. Here are five of my favorite places to get coffee on campus:

1. Kerbey Lane (Location: on the Drag): Along with their amazing queso, pancakes, paninis, etc., Kerbey Lane serves my all-time favorite coffee. Sweet without any cream or sugar, it has a flavor you can’t seem to recreate or get anywhere else. The free refills and 24-hour aspect of this place makes it even more incredible!
2. Einsten Bros Bagels (Location: on the Drag): The Iced Pumpkin Spiced Latte is one of my favorites here. The coffee at Einsten Bros Bagels has a unique and great flavor, and you always have the option of getting a delicious bagel with your coffee. I also love the atmosphere—a lot of sitting room, and very cozy!
3. O’s to Go (Location: 21st): This trailer in front of the Harry Ransom Center has great breakfast tacos along with cheap and flavorful coffee. While they do not have a huge variety, their coffee has a great taste and purchasing it on your way to class is very convenient.
4. Texas Coffee Traders (Location: in the RLM): On the ground floor of RLM, this coffee shop has great quality of coffee along with an impressive variety. They also offer a selection of teas.
5. Caffé Medici (Location: on the Drag): This coffee shop is a cute and cozy place to study, and it serves great coffee. The chai latte here is one of my favorites. Also, third year biology major Alexa says “the gingerbread cookies are soft and amazing!”


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