Twas the Afternoon Before OU

Twas the afternoon before OU when all through West Campus,

Every creature was stirring, especially the pledges,

The coolers were packed and made with care,

In hopes that in Dallas, we would soon be there,

The students were packed, snug into busses,

While visions of the Red River Rivalry danced in their heads,

The music began to blare, and students aboard the bus,

Had just poured a drink for the road to the fair,

When we arrived to the game, rose such a clatter,

We stood in the stands to see what the matter,

Away down the field Longhorns flew like a flash,

Roaring through the stands and helmets beginning to clash,

The kick of the ball on the fresh green grass.

Gave excitement to the audience above in a mass,

When what our wandering eyes did appear,

But 11 players on the field and more in the rear,

With a fresh new coach so lively and quick,

We knew in a moment it must be Herman,

More rapid than ever the Horns they came by the long,

And the crowd shouted and cheered the Texas fight song,

Texas fight! Texas fight! Yeah Texas fight!

Texas fight! Texas fight! Yeah Texas fight!

To the field they ran with all their might,

To give OU hell and a good Texas fight,

So down the field our Longhorns flew,

With loud cheering and a touchdown in sight too,

And then with a roar, we saw on the jumbo tron,

The cheering and celebrating out on the lawn,

As we drew our heads in and cheering around,

The scoreboard solidified, we were 6 points bound,

Dressed in burnt orange from head to cowboy boot,

All of our bodies danced along, oh what a hoot!

A bundle of joy fell over the crowd

And we looked at our Horns, so very proud,

We knew in our hearts the Texas fight was alive,

Our season and Longhorns would revive,

We sprang up and down giving our team a whistle,

Away they continued, beating OU until their dismissal.

And I heard the crowd exclaim in the stadium what a sight,  

Happy Red River weekend to all, and GO TEXAS FIGHT!