TV Shows to Binge Based on Your Major

Studying. Stu-dying. We’ve all been there. And we’ve all made the wise choice of saying no to Netflix all-nighters, and yes to gluing our nose in a text book all-nighters… (That one’s for you mom).  Now that we’ve all admitted to being such diligent and scholarly college students, we can talk about what we do in our “free time.” Some good R&R has never killed anyone, but I’m at least 99% sure someone has been hurt by frying their brain from an overload of KUWTK. So, what’s the alternative to the trashy, yet completely addictive, blackhole that is reality tv and Youtube? Well, friends, the answer is “educational” dramas. The following five shows are perfect to binge watch when you’re feeling inspired to “study.” I’ve listed them based on major, for your ease of studying, but don’t worry, they are nondiscriminatory and inclusive of all majors, schools, and disciplines (McCombs, I’m looking at you – we’re all friends here, so no VIP treatment, sorry not sorry). So, feel free take notes or jump ship and “study” something else for an hour, a day, or the next 4 years of your life. Watch responsibly, kids


  1. For Pre-law / Business: Suits


Yes, it has Meagan Markle in it – pre-princess. Yes, it has witty banter. And, yes, it has all of the dirty little secrets, twists, turns, and back door negotiations that make it oh so enticing. Not to mention, the main character is a modern day Einstein who fakes going to Harvard Law. Obviously, all law firms are just as devious. Tune in to learn the difference between how to get away with murder and how to keep your house in the Hamptons from your cheating, embezzling, soon to be, ex-husband. The fashion is an added bonus. Key study terms: contract, brief, affidavit, fraud, Michael Jordan, blackmail, *long list of explicit language,* steamy file room.

  1. Pre-Med: Grey’s Anatomy


I know, I know. It’s the marathon of shows. But, it’s worth it. If you started, and stopped, start again. If you’ve seen it, watch it again. Truly, this show never gets old. It’s the perfect thing to watch to know the difference between a stethoscope and what happens when you decide to stick your hand on a bomb inside a body cavity that could explode at any second, if your hand so much as twitches mid surgery. Yeah, it’s a lot. But, three words – McSteamy, McHottie, and McDreamy. So, so dreamy. Key study terms: crashing, 10 blade, craniotomy, V-fib, plane crash, hypothermia, shooter, black panties, jumps in front of bus.


  1. Fashion: Gossip Girl

Upper East Side Manhattan. The .00001% of the world. Waldorf Designs is the best of the best. And, if there was one place I could go in this world, it would be Serena Van der Woodsen’s closet. From society galas and limos, to the Champs-Elysées and polo field, they are dressed to the nines everywhere they go. They even make private school uniforms looks chic (this is no easy feat my friend, I would know). Of course, looking like Blake Lively or Chace Crawford doesn’t hurt. Key study terms: hemline, eggshell, Jimmy Choo, xoxo, scandalous, chuck bass, 3 words, 8 letters, say it, and I’m yours.


  1. Government / Political Science: Scandal


Maybe you’re the type of person who sees the world through rose tinted glasses and thinks politics is democratic, civil, and made of average joes who strive to “make a difference” and to “be the change we want to see tomorrow”. Or maybe, your mother raised you right, and you can see past all of that bs. Either way, this show is for you. Time to take the white hat off and tune in for some seriously dark and dirty politics. If you thought our government was a circus, this show will really open your eyes to the show behind the cameras. Key study terms: Oval office, chief of staff, President Fitzgerald Grant, gladiators, B613, gun rights, election fraud, America’s Mistress.


  1. History: Timeless


Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? Watch JFK’s assassination, meet George Washington, talk to Ian Fleming (aka James Bond), or see the Apollo 11 mission? Well, now you can. Hop on board this “lifeboat” and travel back in time to save history from the bad guys who want to change everything from the Hindenburg disaster to Al Capone’s arrest. Every episode is a new story. So, grab some popcorn and an encyclopedia – it’s going to be a long 242 years. Key study terms: Abraham Lincoln, American Revolution, Watergate, Marilyn Monroe, Rittenhouse, sister that disappears from your life, writing history.


Well, there you have it. I hope this helps prepare you for your future career, compliment your studies, and really stimulate your brain. Happy “studying”!


Love and learning,