True or False: The ChapStick Conspiracy

Oh ChapStick, the brand has become synonymous with stuff to put on your lips when they are dry. But there are conspiracies around this brand also. And is it really the best “ChapStick” out there?


For a week I tested the theory that ChapStick actually makes your lipped more chapped so you are forced to continue buying them. Well first research, I had to look at the ingredients and sure enough there were some things that could potentially make your lips more dry. Isopropyl Myristate is used to hydrate of course but it also used against head lice! It kills them by dissolving their waxy exoskeleton and then dehydration. But don’t fear this actually won’t affect your lips because thankfully lice are different than us! Still interesting however..



But science still called me and I had to perform my own experiment. The results were that my lips felt nice and plump! The waxy feeling although not my favorite made them feel protected against anything. It also lasted a long time. I only really felt I needed to reapply around every 8 hours by the end of the study. (Side note: ChapStick is also known to be “addictive” because the feeling of them being protected messes with your own lip responded so your lips become quite dependent on the lip balm to moisturize).


My lips did feel healthier as the week went along than ever before. However, my lip still had small cuts on the inside, probably due to me licking my lips, or...maybe the ChapStick. Dun dun dun. But either way, I felt there are so many lip balms on the market why not try a few and compare?!


So I got some Baby Lips and Eos, which were in similar and price and gave those a go for a week also. The awards are as followed:


The winner for the most plump (moisturizing on application) goes to ChapStick. Least: Baby Lips.

The winner for the best feeling on application goes to Eos. Least: ChapStick (unless you like the waxy feeling - I was not) Also least to Baby Lips unless you like the glossy feeling which didn't help dry lips at all in appearance.

The winner for going the longest is ChapStick (but felt heavy)/Eos. Least: Baby Lips.

The winner for best looking on the lips is Baby Lips (gives you a lil color so that's always nice) - as long as lips were exfoliated and not dry. IF they are ChapStick is the best. Least was Eos? It was ok but didn't really affect them throughout the week.

The more bang for your buck is ChapStick. Least: Baby Lips (at least you don't need lipstick).


I only tested a few and my lips are probably very confused what to think. My overall winner will would have to be Eos actually! They all have their good qualities. But I liked the simplicity of how natural it felt on my lips and did make them feel rejuvenated without a waxy covering. At the end of the day it's how it feels on your lips.  

Here are a few others and the apparent ingredients to avoid. Yikes for ChapStick!