Top Instagram Worthy Restaurants in Austin

Austin is a city filled with creative chefs who are not afraid to be innovative and ingenious, but there is so many artistic creations throughout the city’s streets and buildings. Luckily, most of them happen to be on restaurants. This helps give you an excuse to go eat somewhere different; since you can also capture a cute pic for your insta. These are some of the top Instagram worthy places to eat that also happen to serve delicious food!


Dolce Neve

An authentic Italian gelato shop twists the traditional flavors of gelato’s by adding modern flavors to them. It is a family owned business that uses local products and goes through a handmade process to ensure the best gelato. Not only can you get delicious gelato here, but you can also take a picture by the Greetings from Austin mural. You can have a sweet summer treat and capture a ‘rite of passage’ into Austin!


Home Slice

Home Slice Pizza is an independent neighborhood pizza joint serving authentic New York style pizza either by the pie or by the slice. Their pizza is homemade and delicious! The pizza is so appetizing that they are currently expanding and going to open a second location. It seems as if there is not a more fitting mural for Home Slice than the cheery Mister Rogers “Won’t you be my neighbor?”


Bennu Coffee

We all need a somewhere to hang out or study at. Bennu coffee is open 24 hours and can accommodate college students who need a good place to study or are looking for a new coffee shop with great coffee. Not only do they serve tasty coffee, but also the "You're My Butter Half" mural became an Austin icon quickly after it was painted on the side of the building. It has become so popular that it can now be found on koozies, trivets, jewelry and clothing in shops all over town.


Jo’s Coffee

Perhaps one of Austin's most iconic, murals is the "I love you so much" wall located on the east side of Jo's Coffee on South Congress Avenue. The message was spray-painted in 2010 by musician Amy Cook for her partner Liz Lambert. People outside of Austin and from Austin wait in line to capture pictures by this simple yet meaningful wall. It is a center of community activity, hosting fundraisers and concerts, all the while serving delicious tacos, sandwiches, and coffee.