Tips to Get Started on Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner, and with that comes spring cleaning! Maybe you have not done any cleaning since you moved back to school in the fall, or maybe you are like a few people I know who like to clean when they are stressed about assignments. Whatever category you fall under when it comes to cleaning, the approaching spring time is great to deep clean and get rid of anything you do not have a need for anymore.


  • Clean out any old textbooks/papers

Personally I love cleaning out any papers from a finished class as soon as it is over, but I know some people hang onto their notebooks forever simply because they cannot be bothered to deal with them. I am not saying throw everything out. Be sure to keep anything that you think may be useful in the future, but toss out anything you know you will not need again. Maybe that paper for a core history class that you have not looked at since you received a grade or printouts from a UGS course.

Do not forget about your old textbooks either. If for some reason you had to purchase a book see if you can sell it back! If you cannot find a place to sell it then see if a friend will need it for their class or see about donating it!


  • Clean out any old/unused clothes

As you begin packing away your winter clothes and bringing out your spring items be sure to pay attention to what you hardly wore this past winter. This is a great chance to donate any clothing items that you know you most likely will never wear again. The same applies to any spring clothes that you just do not love anymore.

Give Back Box is a great program for donating your old clothes. All you have to do is reuse a shipping box from any retailer and fill it up with your unwanted items and drop it off at a USPS or UPS location! You can learn more about their program here!


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  • Wash your bedding

Typically I like to do this once a week, but I know in college it can be so hard to keep up with just your regular laundry let alone washing your bedding. Now is a great time to wash everything and maybe even take some of your heavier blankets off your bed.


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  • Clean out your makeup/beauty products

Go through your makeup and beauty products and check the expiration dates. Toss everything that is not good anymore, and you will be surprised at how much neater your bag/basket will look.


  • Dust, dust, dust!

I feel like everyone hates dusting so much, and I have to agree it sucks. I do not mind dusting simple things, but when it comes to lamps and blinds I want to put it off as long as possible. Unfortunately putting off dusting can be a real problem especially if you suffer from allergies. Honestly, I say just try and stay on top of it, but if you have not done it in the past few weeks (or months) take some time do it. I promise your place will feel so much better once you do.