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Tips for Attending SXSW Events

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.
  • Be Early
    • Lines are long and events close at building or room capacity (enforced by the fire department) so aim to arrive at least 30 min before opening time for a general admission (read free) event, and 10 min before a paid one. It would suck to have a ticket reserved and plans made – only to be turned away at the gate last minute.
  • RVSP!
    • Along with capacity, many events shut off sales the day before. If you have your eye on a showing or concert then make sure to RVSP and make plans early so you can actually reserve a spot.
  • Take Care of Bodily Needs
    • You could wait in line for an hour+ to get in through the door even as a VIP or premium ticket holder for in demand events (cough Capital Factory Startup Crawl). During this time there will usually be little to no water and bathroom options nearby. Lines will stretch around blocks and you’ll find yourself in a very very uncomfortable situation fast if you don’t plan ahead. Make sure all your bodily needs are taken care of before you get into line, and that you have a refillable drink container with you.
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