Tinder For Friendships

In high school, I never had a problem making friends. My graduating class was only 275 people, and although we may not have all been friends (in the very true sense of the word), we certainly all knew each other. Now in college, the world has expanded and I can easily sit in a class with 275 people. The dynamic has changed and it’s not so easy to walk up to someone and introduce yourself. I never had that overwhelming desire to be a social butterfly and it is not an art that comes naturally to me. But, it is worth noting that if you approach me, I will greet you with warmth and the biggest, kindest smile. However, if I am dependent on someone else always making the first move, my odds are greatly reduced.

I'm not desperate for friends per say. But, I certainly want a group that I can connect with. Being a loner is fine and all, but sometimes it hits you; you get on Snapchat and see a surprise party being thrown and you're like ‘no one has ever thrown me one’. Or, it's a Saturday night, you hear your roommates getting dressed and being so excited for a party and you don't even like going out, but if you had someone to accompany you, you surely would.


I was facing a dilemma. And, I'm not sure how I came to this conclusion, but I downloaded Tinder. Here’s what I found out;


You’re not alone.


The are other girls out there, just like you, who want to expand their circles. And, although Tinder may be an unusual source, it kinda makes sense and is not as awkward as you may think. Beware of the hookups! But, I found those to be few and far between. Tinder has transformed from a place of casual sex to one that facilitates the creation of friendships. It is not as hard as crossing a room and my emotions are much better portrayed with a gif than actual verbal articulation. I have yet to meet anyone in-person off the controversial app, but the conversation has been fun and very amusing! In a matter of hours I have connected with more people than I would had I not decided to download to the app.


Stay tuned for an update on the friendships that may (or not) follow!