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When it comes to thrift shopping, Macklemore is not the expert, Allie Donnelly is.

“When it comes to thrift shopping, you can’t judge a book by its cover, you have to look at the possibilities. Everything has potential, so look at what it could be, not just what is on the hanger. ”

For those who think thrift shopping is just a quick walk up Guad to Buffalo Exchange, Allie sets the record straight: “Buffao Exchange is not thrift shopping, you’ve got to really commit. Goodwill always have huge random printed t-shirts with cats or religious sayings, but you have to dig through to find them. Or Salvation Army has great stuff but it is more expensive.” 

Two things can influence the clothes you’ll find at a thrift shop: the location and the decade the clothes come from. Each decade has its own flavor, so if you want a 60s vibe, you don’t have to do the stereotypical tie-dye and fringe. You could try silk print kimonos. Or instead of the over-played Madonna look from the 80s, try tall boots like Molly Ringwald wears in The Breakfast Club. The neighborhood the thrift shop is located in is also important. Allie reminds us, “the people of that neighborhood are donating their clothes to that store, so you have to keep in mind if you want to look like the people living in that area.”

As for her own style, Allie likes to keep staple pieces modern, and make her statement accessories vintage. “All I can say for accessories is costume jewelry, costume jewelry, costume jewelry. Oh, and belts! I also really like patterns for actual clothes. Plaid, stripes, or any other cool texture. It’s fun to mix them together and see what works.”

If there is one piece you are looking for to thrift up your wardrobe, Allie says “when it doubt, crop it out. Crop tops forever!” The next piece Allie wants to add to her own wardrobe is a faux cheetah jacket, but only if it is faux. Looks like her and Macklemore should go pop some tags together.

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