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Below are three internships that I have recently found or applied to! I’m very excited to share my proposals with you guys in order to be transparent about the application process while being in college. Enjoy!

  1. NARAL Pro-Choice America: This organization has one of my dream internships. NARAL Pro-Choice America is an organization that lobbies for reproductive justice and freedom and access to birth control and abortion rights. They also track legislation surrounding these topics and according to my research, they value “progressive, proactive policies to advance reproductive freedom,” which is the basis on that I hope to build my future career. I intend to go to law school and hope to specialize in health care law, working toward these goals exactly.
  1. —- Office of the Attorney General Public Safety Division, —- Section: This organization is very important to me because of its relation to gender-based work, public policy, and safety law. On the website, it states, “On any given day you may be researching, gathering documents, contacting witnesses, redacting videos, or taking notes during a hearing. Perhaps, you may be needed to assist attorneys at trial or a hearing and enjoy seeing firsthand how to select a jury or make a dynamic opening statement.” I know I would love working on this internship sight because I could use my experience in working with organizations such as SAFE in Austin, TX to bring the necessary passion and compassion this role demands while being focused on justice and rights.
  1. — law firm, specifically the Litigation Health Sector – False Claims Act Investigations and Defense health sector. This law firm is very intriguing to me because they have different special subsections within their healthcare litigation team. As stated earlier, I intend to apply to law school in the coming years and I am extremely interested in healthcare law. I have a certificate in ethics and leadership in healthcare from UT Austin and I think working in medical defense law would be fascinating. The website states “In addition to the defense of a client through an investigation, trial, and appeal, we assist in the settlement of matters.” The responsibilities of being an intern for a litigation team like — would help to gain writing, policy, (mock) trial, and creative research experience in an impactful environment.
Kirsten Corrigan (she/her) is serving her second year as Campus Correspondents with Her Campus at Texas. She is a Junior Government major at The University of Texas at Austin. She intends to pursue law school after her undergraduate degree. She enjoys writing, being outdoors, traveling, and watching movies in her free time.