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Flowers Colorful Summertime Window Fun Original
Flowers Colorful Summertime Window Fun Original
Charlotte Reader / Her Campus
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

A change of season calls for a change of scenery. So, get up and get outside! Because a nice day waits for no one.

As the weather warms, I can’t help but notice everyone’s hearts thawing out, too. I think the winter–as tranquil as it can be–makes everything just a little bit more harsh. But when the sun comes out, well, I always catch myself smiling. 

Here’s a few tips–from my personal experience–on how to get out of that winter rut and into that much needed spring reset:

First and foremost, I like to get myself into the spring spirit by painting my nails! I know it seems incredibly simple, but it works like a charm. The color is entirely up to you, just choose what feels right–whether it’s bright blue or a clear coat, there’s no wrong answer! I’ve personally been in a major light pink phase lately.

Let’s talk clothes. I always, always like to implement some color into my wardrobe. The past few weeks, all things blue and coral have been catching my eyes. Try and think about what colors are calling to you. Accessories are another great way to implement the uplifting atmosphere of spring into your wardrobe. Wearing a neutral-toned outfit with bright accessories to add pops of color can dramatically change the entire feel of an outfit. 

Now that you look–and presumably feel–the part, it’s time to act the part. My favorite spring activity is, of course, a classic picnic. This timeless endeavor is perfect for the sunny days of spring. There’s still that light breeze to make the Texas sun feel just about perfect. You can’t go wrong with a quilted blanket, a charcuterie board, and a fun fruity drink to sip on. I like to throw in a craft or two to add that special touch. And of course, it’s not a picnic without flowers. Tulips are my personal favorite. But I think the true embodiment of spring can be found within a bouquet speckled with Baby’s-breath.

So as the sun beams stronger and the days grow longer, remember to take a second to refresh your mind. Enjoy the present. Inhale the scent of fresh flowers. Invite your friends over. Go outside. Get dressed up for absolutely no reason. And as always, think spring.

Journalism major at The University of Texas at Austin! IG: @piperthurman