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Things that would send a social work student into a coma

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We’ve all seen this trend on TikTok, where people reflect on their past selves and how they’ve changed. They document what their life is like now, possibly so much different than they could’ve imagined. So, I decided to try this with my major, a relatively small but amazing and close-knit one. As a social work major with a BDP in children and society, I have been able to expand my love for helping people and working with kids. The things that would send us into a coma are silly but something that I think unites us all.

  1. OChem. Physics. Engineering. Literally any math or science-based class. 
  2. Not being able to read or write. As in, not having homework that allows you to do this.
  3. Excel spreadsheets.
  4. A lecture hall. The majority of our classes are small and discussion-based (very cozy).
  5. Six-digit salaries (jk you can definitely make a lot in private practice)
  6. Having a building with reliable A/C.
  7. Not being out of breath when you get to class because it’s a twenty-minute walk no matter how much you try to make it shorter.
Hi! My name is Valentina Avellaneda and I'm a sophomore social work major from Houston, TX. I went to a performing and visual arts high school, where I found my passion for creative writing (including poetry, creative nonfiction, journalism, etc.) I have pieces published on the Interlochen Review, Teen Ink Magazine and the New York Times. In my free time, I like to spend time with my cat, Cookie, practice hot yoga and try matcha lattes with my friends!