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Themed Parties You MUST Experience in College

Whether you’re attending them or hosting them, themed parties are always a lot
more fun than your usual nighttime gatherings. So grab your friends and let the fun start!

It’s exactly what you see in the movies. This is probably the oldest themed
party in all history of college themed parties. But everyone before us has enjoyed
them so I’m sure you will too. All you need is a group of friends and a bed sheet.
Make sure you tie the knots securely! You can find pointers on Google so your outfit
doesn’t fall apart.

Black Light
This is pretty self-explanatory. A white or neon shirt is a must for this party.
Once you arrive, get people to draw on your shirt (or arms if you don’t want to get
your shirt ruined) with highlighters. Some people even draw on their faces. You end
up with really cool pictures, so bring a camera.

ABC (Anything But Clothes)
This is where you can get REALLY creative. No, it doesn’t mean you show up
wearing nothing (don’t freak out!). The rules are simple: You must wear anything
but clothes. You won’t even have to spend a lot of money buying an outfit. I’ve seen
girls make cute outfits out of duct tape or trash bags and have seen guys create
humorous outfits with just cardboard boxes. Either way, you’ll be enjoying yourself
while seeing what other people have decided to wear.

90’s Themed
We all remember “Hey Arnold!,” “Angry Beavers,” and “Rugrats.” Why not celebrate
the greatest decade of all? Bring back your childhood with music by the Backstreet
Boys and Spice Girls. Whether you’re dressed like Britney Spears from her hit
 “…Baby One More Time” or if you’re dressed like Will from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-
Air,” this party will bring a lot of laughs and bring back many memories.

Rubik’s Cube
The goal of a Rubik’s cube is to get all the colors on one side. Well, that’s kind
of what this party is like. You show up wearing one item of each color on the Rubik’s
cube (red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and white) and by the end of the night you
create an outfit of one solid color. How? This is where the fun starts. Once you get to
the party, you must exchange clothing with other people until you are a complete
shade of blue or green (or whatever color you decide). I would recommend wearing things you wouldn’t mind not seeing again, like a hat or necklace. 

Say you work up the courage to talk to the cutie across the room. Everything
is going great until they mention their amazing girlfriend or boyfriend (bummer,
right?). This party is a good way to decode the relationship status of the people
around you just by the color of their shirt. If someone is wearing green, it means
they are single and ready to mingle. If they are wearing yellow, it usually means they
are single but it’s complicated. And of course, red means they are taken. This is the
perfect solution to not worry about approaching someone who isn’t
looking. So if they are wearing green, GO GO GO for it!

Photos: http://www.theaceblackblog.com/2011/01/movie-review-animal-house-1978.html

Mira Milla is a junior majoring in Journalism at the University of Texas and is currently interning at 'The Society Diaries'. 
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