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A new week calls for the honoring of another campus Gem!

This week’s honorary Gem is Isabella Zeff.

A dear friend of mine that has dreams and aspirations that I believe need to be shared with you all! I met Isabella during orientation. It was fate almost, we were in the same orientation group and she just so happened to be my suite mate for the two days we were staying at the University dorms. The rest is history!

Isabella is sweet and dependable, always lending a listening ear to her family and friends. She is the epitome of a Taurus! Her aura is welcoming and she always manages to make you feel like you’re the funniest person in the room. She comes from a suburb right outside of Dallas called Coppell. She feels as if she has not completely transitioned from suburb life to city life as she spends most of her time working away on campus.

What is she working away at you might ask?

Isabella is a journalism major who currently works as a copy editor for The Daily Texan. She is currently considering minoring in Government as she wishes to pursue a career in political journalism. She chose journalism as her major because she is aware of how versatile the major is, all the doors and options that open for her through this. This however does not diminish her passion for writing, for telling stories and bringing to light a variety of topics, which was the overarching reason she selected journalism to study.

After college Isabella wants to become a reporter. Stating that she would hope to bring a sense of empathy to the career, to have the opportunity to share all types of stories and the varying perspectives that come with telling a story. Isabella acknowledges the elitist tone that reporting tends to have and wants to be a counterculture of sorts against this, through the empathy she plans to show to those she interviews and writes about. I am already proud to call Isabella my friend, but this made me all the prouder, she is a person that wants to bring a softer side to a historically harsh career. As she works to give a voice to those who may be silenced otherwise.

Currently, Isabella’s favorite class is her Italian Film Class. Where she views films and analyzes them, learning about the historical and cultural impacts that said films have left. It has allowed her a new insight when it comes to viewing films, garnering a new appreciation for the art overall.

When I asked Isabella how she believes being a woman has impacted her career she gave, in my opinion, one of the most wholesome answers I’ve ever heard. Saying that she believes it’s a positive to be a woman in the industry, that it’s easy to form relationships with other women. She enjoys being a part of such a supportive group, because she feels women support each other naturally – and it makes her feel more secure as she forms bounds with women of the same background. In a world that pins women against each other she finds the light in it all, I hope you can all see what I mean when I say I’m proud to know her!

Admiration is all I have for Isabella. It brings me so much joy to know that the journalism industry is getting such a wonderful and passionate soul such as herself.

Isabella is the embodiment of kindness. Her caring nature and yearn to learn supports this. Consider this as a warning to keep all of your eyes and ears out for her name because I highly doubt this will be the last time you ever read it!

Isabella Zeff, you are truly a Gem here at the University of Texas.

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