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It’s after Christmas,

This one is for all of us for whom Christmas wasn’t the best time of the year. This isn’t a sad letter with positive quotes to make us forget, but rather it is an appreciation letter. It is okay for us to not have the strength and energy to feel the best version of ourselves especially when it is the most ‘wonderful time of the year’. It is okay that you don’t have the most amazing stories bout having snow fights in the yard with all your loved ones to tell after the break, it is okay if you cried during the new years, it is okay if you feel sad and wished things were different. Not everyone will have the same type of holiday break and it is more than okay for you to not have had the best experiences over the holidays. You made it to a new year, you made it to what everything was leading up to, you don’t owe others a smiling face when discussing the break. You are so much stronger than you realize and it is OKAY if you weren’t your strongest self some days; even the most powerful of all animals need to take a rest. Not everyone is safe at home, eating isn’t easy for all, not everyone has a family they enjoy spending time with, not everyone can be with people they wish they were with. You do not need to justify hating some days. Positivity can be very toxic and you do not always need to feel the most radiant version of yourself. Cheers to all of them who didn’t have the most wonderful time this holiday season; and just because you had a good time over the break doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to miss people, cry, feel sad even if you had a good time over the holidays. Life has so much more than a few weeks of jingle bells, you are entitled to feel ALL the feelings just like everyone else.

Outside Sources: https://www.instagram.com/p/CX3bI9JM_g1/?utm_medium=copy_link Instagram account – vavawomb_

Hey, there, fellow readers; I hope you are having an amazing day! I am Meera from Her Campus, and I am a freshman at UT Austin ; I love sunsets, reading, writing and more :)
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