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Texas Pom Co-Captain: Delisa Shannon

Year: SophomoreHometown: Cypress, TX

Her Campus Texas: What is your super power of choice? 

Delisa Shannon: Invisibility.  

HCTX: Who is your celeb crush?  

DS: Jesse Williams 

HCTX: Song you can’t help but dance to? 

DS: Lips Are Moving On

HCTX: Favorite place in Austin? 

DS: Mount Bonnell. 

HCTX: What made you want to try out for Pom?

DS: I’ve always loved the Texas tradition. Nothing beats the feeling of performing at Darrell K Royal Stadium. 

HCTX: How has pom shaped your experience at UT?

DS: I’ve done so many things and met so many cool people through the spirit program. I’ve made lasting friendships and strong connections all thanks to Pom.

HCTX: What does it feel like to be out on the field?

DS: There is no way to explain cheering on 100,000+ fans every Saturday night. Every time you enter that field, you think of the legends that have played with the longhorn on their chest. It’s indescribable.

HCTX: What do you plan to bring to the team as next years co-captain? 

DS: I hope to build a group of young women who love what they do. There’s nothing more uplifting than a program of women supporting each other. 


HCTX: What are your plans after college?

DS: After I graduate, I hope to have my own tv show like Ellen and Oprah. I hope to be a hybrid of the two.   

HCTX: What is on your bucket list? 

DS: Cliff Dive! 

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