Tanner Kalina, 2015

Name: Tanner KalinaAge: 22Major: Radio-Television-FilmHometown: Dallas, Texas

Her Campus Texas: Favorite place on campus?  

Tanner Kalina: I’m a big fan of the UCC. (University Catholic Center)

HCTX: What’s been your favorite memory so far at UT?TK: Can I have two? I can have two. One of them is the collaboration improv show between Gigglepants and my troupe, Snafu. Pretty rockin groovy time. The other is a Catholic retreat, Longhorn Awakening! Pretty gnarley rad time.

HCTX: How has your time at UT changed you?TK: I’m keenly aware of bat rabies now, and I can ride my bicycle with no handlebars.

HCTX: What are you involved in on campus?TK: I like to get my hands dirty so I’m in a few things. I’m in Snafu (UT’s long-form improv troupe), Longhorn Latenight, FOCUS Ministries, and Schoenstatt Life Groups.

HCTX: Can you tell me about the comedy group you’re involved with?TK: We’re called Snafu and we do long-form improv. We perform once a week on campus and then once every other week or so in clubs around town.

HCTX: What got you into comedy?TK: When I was a little kid I always wanted to be Jim Carrey. I got involved in the Dallas comedy scene a few years ago, and knew it’s what I wanted to pursue.

HCTX: Do you want to continue on with comedy/what's your plan after college?TK: Yeah, I want to! Right now, I’m just building my resume and getting my chops in here in Austin. When I have enough solid credits and I feel I’m ready, I’ll head to Los Angeles and sink or swim. I’ll make sure to bring my floaties though.