Sustainability. What’s That? No, Really.

I can recall all the phases of my awkward teenage years At one point I even remembering being goth. And, at another phase, I was quite the humanitarian; I showed all my friends PETA videos, I became a vegetarian and I was also completely anti-government.


At one point, I I tried to practice sustainability, but it was seen as a nuisance more so than anything else. My extremely African-American household was not into environmentalism. My sustainable efforts were always seen as an inconvenience and it seemed as if they were never worth the trouble it took to get them done! My family was strict about this. So, honestly, I never got into sustainability. Not because I didn't want to, but because it wasn't a cultural priority.


Now that I'm living alone and in my adulthood, I try my best to practice at least some sustainability. Here are a couple of things I’ve implemented into my life in order to practice sustainability.

Use as much daylight as possible.

This is effortless.

And, the benefits surpass sustainability! Using as much daylight as possible can help you create a natural sleep schedule. By setting an alarm for any early morning time (5am to 6am), you acclimate yourself to waking up early and to rising with the sun. This coupled with completing things on your to-do list is a phenomenal way to get that annoying to-do list completed.  

Unplug the electronics that you aren't using.


Electronics that are plugged in, but are not being used, can still draw energy. Reduce your output by detaching or unplugging laptops and game systems when they are not in active use.


These are two easy things you can implement in your daily life that are good for the planet and are good ways to conserve energy. Additionally, these are an easy first step towards living a more sustainable life.