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Sustainability Spotlight: UT Farm Stand


Recently one of my good friends began interning at the UT Farm Stand, based within University Housing and Dining. I wanted to know more about healthier food options on campus, since many of us will be transitioning back to in-person classes. I asked her and another student involved with the organization more about what they do at the Farm Stand and what they hope to accomplish through their work.

For those unfamiliar, what is the UT Farm Stand? What do you guys do on a regular basis?

Michael (M), Sustainable Living Coordinator and Market Purchaser: UT Farm Stand is a student-run organization under University Housing and Dining. We strive to educate the university community on sustainable agriculture and focus on three aspects of food: garden (production), market (distribution), and waste (disposal).


Elleanor (E), Market and Sustainable Living Student Assistant: On a daily basis, our team plans for upcoming markets, reports on the progress of our gardens, and educational ways to reduce food waste!

What’s your mission?

E: Our mission is to not only grow and provide the public with accessible local foods, but to educate the public from food to table to waste. We provide many opportunities to gain hands on knowledge by presentations, tabling, and events on campus.

Why is it so essential for students to learn about sustainability?

E: It is essential for students to learn about sustainability to understand what’s at sake. It’s important for us to continue building a healthier and equitable world that we, and future generations, can live in. 

How has COVID affected the Farm Stand?

M: COVID-19 has forced UT Farm Stand operations, and all university operations, to evolve and pivot to these unprecedented conditions. However, using plexiglass barriers, social distancing and enforcing masks and hand sanitizer allowed us to resume in-person activities. 

What are some different ways students can get involved?

M: Students can volunteer at the gardens and market. There are many opportunities to volunteer in our gardens at Kinsolving or Jester year-round. Market-day volunteering is available on Wednesdays when we have markets. Students can also get involved by checking out our social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify) and sharing our mission. 


E: Students can get involved by volunteering to help out in our gardens or on market day, signing up for our newsletter, and coming to our educational events and workshops throughout the year! We recently had a DIY Soap and Clay Face mask worship this past Monday (4/19).

When is the Farm Stand open and where is it located?

M: The UT Farm Stand market is open from 11-4 pm on select Wednesdays. Join our newsletter to get updates on what’s happening at UT Farm Stand. The newsletter can be found on the linktree in our IG bio!


E: It’s located outside of Jester on the corner of Speedway and 21st. Look out for dates for Market Fall 2021-Spring 2022! 


Find and follow UT Farm Stand here for updates!

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