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As school gets back into swing we enter a very dreaded time for college students. Right now we are currently in the application cycle for summer 2023 internships. Yes, that’s correct. While summer seems very far away many fields such as business, computer science, and engineering are already recruiting their interns for this coming summer which brings up a larger topic. The pressure of getting an internship for the summer almost a year in advanced is a topic not discussed enough when it comes to college. However many students are currently in the process of intensive interviews and attending mass career expo events. College as a whole has created a culture where you often compare yourself to your peers and their internships. There is an immense pressure to be applying and gaining top notch internships. These internships are seen as stepping stones for future career opportunities. In actuality internships should be used as ways to discover what aspects of your degree you gravitate towards, but this hustle culture has made it so that more often than not internships are treated as a way to pad student’s resumes. I would personally say this the fault of the companies who are creating this culture, but I do hope that students do their best to combat this. As students grind through studies and applications it’s important to remember to take a deep breath. Companies have created this terrible cycle that many students have been forced to buy into. So during this time just remember to take a break and reflect on everything you’ve already accomplished.

Hello! I am a psychology major at UT Austin and am super excited for this semester.