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Style Mistakes to Abandon this Summer

With new, cute and fun summer trends here for the season, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the trends that have been living on for what seems to be years now and in all honesty, should never have been trends in the first place (yes, I am looking at you pajama jeans). Thus I scoured the UT campus to find some fashion-friendly-looking guys and gals and asked them what trends they thought should have died back in the 90s right along with crimped hair, snap bracelets and butterfly hairclips (don’t act like you didn’t sport ‘em, ladies!). After getting their input I compiled a list of the most mentioned style faux pas across the board. 

Track shorts and oversized T-shirts:

This “trend” was, hands down, the most complained about. Almost every person I spoke to commented on it. Junior Amanda Koleckar said that the look was “okay if being sported to the gym or for a run,” but that she does not quite understand the style choice otherwise. Sophomore Amanda Haight added that a big issue when it comes to the track short/oversized T-shirt trend is when girls wear shirts that are so large, you cannot even see their shorts. Both women also agreed that these shorts are not even very flattering either way.  Also, every guy I spoke with had a very strong distaste for this trend. With that said, if you want to impress someone in class the track shorts/oversized tee look is probably not the way to go. If you’re hitting the gym or lounging at home, go for it! 

See-through leggings:

This was another trend that was very frequently mentioned. Though, sophomore Rachel Crowell summed up the majority of the complaints about said trend in one simple sentence: Girls wear them as pants and then you can totally see their underwear! Junior Sarah Marcum added that they are never advertised as pants so they shouldn’t be treated as if they are. In conclusion, if you want to rock the legging look without flashing your lady parts to the world, invest in some jeggings.  Jeggings are a jean/legging hybrid that was created (in my opinion) for this very purpose.  

Crocs / Uggs / Vibram Fivefingers:

I decided to clump these three fashion faux pas together because they seemed to relate in many ways. Every person I spoke to mentioned at least one of the three when asked about fashion trends that need to die and each mentioned a few key points: 1) They’re all ugly. 2) They should be dead. / They were never alive.  3) But they’re so comfortable! When asked her thoughts about Vibram Fivefingers,  Junior Victoria Goss said “I don’t know how I feel about putting my toes in tiny little chambers all day!”




Camouflage is a trend that has died and been resurrected in the fashion industry many times before, and feelings regarding its place within the fashion world this summer are conflicting.  Junior Victoria Goss said that camouflage is only okay “if it is a high school pep rally or you are hunting wild animals in the forest.” Sophomore Rachel Crowell said that pulling off a camouflage look depends on the print itself and the size. If you ask me, nobody can work camouflage like the Spice Girls did, but if you think you can wear it better…why not? It’s always good to take some style risks, right?

Honorable Mention:

  • Sweats/Yoga Pants with words on the butt

“Anything that has an adjective on your butt is not okay.” – Junior Sarah Marcum

  • Overly Distressed/Ripped Jeans

 “If you paid for jeans that are already falling apart, it doesn’t really make any sense.” – Junior Victoria Goss

  • Shirts that have bedazzled words on them

“Even if they aren’t dead, they need to be dead. I have a ten year old sister and if I see her wearing one of those shirts… I’ll burn it.” – Sophomore Sloan Buffum-Robbins

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