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Student lives up to his university’s motto: “What Starts Here Changes The World.”

UT sophomore, T.J. Strayhorn, from Houston, TX, has begun to live out the motto by which UT is famous for. As many students, he has had to juggle school, work, and involvement in organizations, but he is more than happy with this busy life.
He is involved in the Black Study Student Advisory Committee (BSAAC), Black Health Professions Occupation (BHPO), and Revolutionary Industries (RI), which he founded with a friend their freshman year. In BSAAC, he is in charge of any types of events, ideas, or programs that are hosted in the “X” Lounge, and as the Vice-President/Co-Founder of RI, staying on his toes is something he is an expert at.
For many students, finding an organization that is right for them may seem as a difficult task but T.J. avoided this hardship, and just came up with his own! Of course, being a part of BSAAC and BHPO allows him to network and create lifelong relationships with his peers that he could not have created outside the organizational community. So even though if you do not start your own, getting involved is an essential part of college life here at UT.
According to T.J., “UT has endless opportunities and there are many routes that you can take.  In respect to organizations, they are so diverse, I feel like there is no excuse to not be involved on campus in some sort of way, because it all falls back on networking and whom you know.” Beginning your own organization is not hard whatsoever! All you need is to complete a few forms found on the Office of the Dean of Students website, three current enrolled students, and $10 application fee, and then you are set to go!
Remember, what starts here, changes the world.

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