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The Strength and Smile of Emily Walker

Emily Walker is someone I have known (from a distance at first) for almost all of our college careers. I always gravitated towards her warm smile and happy demeaner, but I have found in the recent years that she is much more than a sunny presence. Not only is she smart (she’s in the fantastic TexasMedia sequence!), but she is also caring, she listens intently when you share the things on your mind. She is beautiful in many ways. We got a chance to chat with her about her spring break plans and being proud to be a Longhorn!  

Hometown: Round Rock, TX

Year: Senior!

Major: Advertising 

Her Campus Texas: I always feel the good vibes from you! What helps you stay positive?

Emily Walker: When I’m having a bad day, singing really loud in the car always makes me feel great. 

HCTX: What makes you proud to be a Longhorn?

EW: I’m proud to go to the best university in Texas (the best state in the world). I feel so lucky to have met all of these incredible people here, and I’m really honored to be able to call myself a longhorn. 

HCTX: You’re in the respected Advertising Media sequence! What do you like about it?

EW: I love TexasMedia because it has really whipped me into shape, made me work really hard and I’m so much more confident and ready for the advertising industry now. 

HCTX: What are your spring break plans?

EW: Over spring break, I’m going to NYC with Texas Advertising Group to meet with ad agencies! I’m so excited!  

HCTX: What is your staple spring break outfit? 

EW: This year I will be trading in the bikini for a suit. It’s time.  

HCTX: What is a song you listen to when you are getting pumped for the break?

EW: Upgrade U by Beyoncé & Jay Z makes me feel like I can do anything tbh.  

HCTX: If you could go back and tell your freshman self something, what would it be? 

EW: I would tell my freshman self not to let anyone dictate who you are, and you don’t have to trade your dignity for friendship and love–there are plenty of amazing people out there who will love you without changing you.


I am Corisa but a lot of my friends call me Cori! I feel like the real life Hannah Horvath from Girls.
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