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Stories Beyond the Gossip: Olivia Suarez

Name: Olivia Suarez

Major: Journalism

Year: 2015

Olivia Suarez serves as the Assistant Entertainment Director for TSTV where she also is the Live Segment Director and star of a segment called “Style Squad” on the entertainment news show Sneak Peek.


Her Campus Texas: What do you do at Texas Student TV?

Olivia Suarez: [As] Assistant Entertainment Director at TSTV, I help the co-directors in overseeing the entire entertainment department and interact with producers, helping them with their goals for their respective shows.  At Sneak Peek, I am the Live Segment Director, so I pitch potential segments for each show and compile and polish volunteers’ scripts and accompanied graphics into the best format possible. While I’m doing that, I’m also hosting, interviewing, and producing scripts for myself to perform, most notably Style Squad, the fashion segment on Sneak Peek.

HCTX: What are your future career aspirations?

OS: It wasn’t until a few years ago when I realized that I possessed the same potential to report in [entertainment] a field that I absolutely love, just like my father did with sports. Working in the entertainment news industry in an outlet like E! News is the goal. To me, I love the impact pop culture holds on society, and in addition to working at red carpets and award shows, I’d love to eventually produce and host an interview series that focuses on the industry and philanthropy work of entertainers. I want to uncover a depth in the field that many people believe doesn’t exist at all. Everyone has a story to share beyond the gossip, so why not take the time to listen?

HCTX: How is what you’re doing at TSTV leading you towards your future goals?

OS: TSTV allots me the opportunity to gain experience in all the respective aspects of working on an entertainment news show, from hosting, performing in front of the camera and interviewing celebrities on the red carpet, to floor-directing behind the camera. It’s a platform that’s allowed me to fuel a passion I hold by embracing every assignment while also showing humility in an environment that’s so easy to be swallowed in. Within the time I’ve worked at TSTV, I’ve solidified my broadcast skills, developed tougher skin, and hopefully established a strong work ethic for future volunteers to follow.


HCTX: What is the best thing that has happened to you through working at TSTV?

OS: It’s so hard to choose just one thing! But I’d have to say meeting E! Online Senior Editor and E! News correspondent Marc Malkin at the Scenic Route SXSW red carpet premiere last Spring. I was getting ready to interview Josh Duhamel, and down the carpet I spotted him setting up. I was so star-struck, but with the encouragement of friends, I introduced myself to him and we talked for about five minutes on journalism. Marc seemed impressed when I shared some of my red carpet experience and he encouraged me to continue seizing these opportunities. Just that ability to network with someone so notable made my already memorable night into an even better one.

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