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“Why is Moody having a midterms wellness event? Y’all don’t do anything” is probably the stupidest comment I have heard as a student at the Moody College of Communications (so far). That’s aside from the endless comments and stereotypes that Moody majors have all the free time in the world to go out and party. Like girl, I wish.

This past year I changed my major from mathematics (yes, math) to communications and leadership, and let me tell you, it was the best decision of my life, but that’s a story for another time. My point is that I have lived “the best of both worlds” and experienced what it’s like to be a woman in STEM, as well as a Moody girl, and I can make the statement that it isn’t any easier!

As a comms student, I have taken classes that require me to read 40+ pages before each class day. We get assigned articles, case studies, journals, literally anything. Along with excessive reading comes excessive writing. So far my largest papers have consisted of two 8-12 page case studies and a 20-page “self-reflection” essay, along with many other 4+ page papers which I think are the simpler ones. Now you may be thinking, “Why is writing so hard? I’d rather do that than calculus.” And you see, no, no you wouldn’t. When you learn math, there’s a direct way to solve the problem, there IS a right answer. With essays, you have to apply the concepts and lessons learned in class or what you’ve read over and really make connections as to how they tie into whatever it is your paper is about.

Additionally, participation is worth a good chunk of your grade. These classes aren’t your typical, “come in and take notes,” types of classes, as you have to be prepared each day to discuss whatever the assigned reading was. You can’t afford to skip because attendance falls into participation!

Again, as a previous STEM girly, I def do more work now than I did last year. Yes, all majors have a different level of complexity because all subjects are different and all learners are different. So PLEASE stop discrediting the people who are not in STEM, we too are going through it.

Communication and Leadership major @ UT Austin. IG: @stephanie.inclan