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Spring Break as told by Broad City

Spring Break is only a short week away! While you’re getting through this week of school before freedom and letting the hype bubble up inside you for the best spring break ever, let the awesome BROAD CITY crew explain how we feel about our favorite week of the semester.


It’s almost spring break!!!  

And even though we still have a week of school to get through… 

We’re already talking to our besties about how awesome the break is going to be. 

And doing some last minute exercising before committing to short shorts all week. (If only Abbi was our trainer). 

Speaking of shorts, you’re already mentally planning a week’s worth of cute outfits with your roomie. 


Maybe you’re so used to the cold, cloudy weather that the thought of going to the beach is just… 

So maybe you’re planning a solid week of relaxation and Netflix watching.  

But for those of you planning to party it up out of town or in Austin for SXSW, 

Be like Ilana and only chill/party with people who are going to respect you.

Now go conquer this week of school like the queen you are.



And get ready for the best spring break EVER!



I am Corisa but a lot of my friends call me Cori! I feel like the real life Hannah Horvath from Girls.
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