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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

During my time here as a student at UT, I found myself very anxious trying to keep up with all the responsibilities a college student has. As someone who used to not be able to run for even two minutes without sounding like I was dying, I never thought running would be my outlet for stress. Running is incredibly helpful! Firstly, it promotes physical health by improving cardiovascular fitness. This physical well-being, in turn, translates into mental health benefits, as running releases endorphins that alleviate stress and enhance mood. Moreover, regular running has been linked to improved cognitive function, aiding memory and concentration—essential for academic success. Beyond the physiological advantages, running instills discipline, time management skills, and stress management techniques. Overall, running offers a holistic approach to well-being, enhancing both physical and mental faculties, making it an excellent practice for students striving for success and balanced living. Personally, the best part of running for me is feeling stronger. I can definitely tell I get way less tired walking up the stairs on campus.

I argue that reggaeton is the best music to run to. Reggaeton infuses your workout with an irresistible rhythm that feels more like a dance party than a run. The genre’s vibrant beats and infectious melodies can instantly elevate your energy levels, pushing you to move with enthusiasm and determination. Reggaeton’s fast tempo aligns naturally with your running pace, providing an exhilarating soundtrack that keeps you motivated throughout your workout. Additionally, the positive, empowering, and sexy lyrics often found in reggaeton songs can boost your Kali is literally calling you a Muñequita (doll) throughout the whole song. Therefore, here are SIX reggaeton songs for your next (or first) run (or walk we all start somewhere!):

  1. Muñequita by Kali Uchis, El Alfa. Kali is literally calling you a Muñequita (doll) throughout the whole song.

2. Amiga date Cuenta by Sailorfag, Cubebass. This song will call you out on dating men who are not worth it but in a nice way… kinda!

3. OJOS FERRARI by Karol G. No but imagine how good you will feel and look once you go out and party to this song.

4. 4k by El Alfa, Darell, Noriel. Save this song as your power-up!

5. Bloke by Daddy Yanke. You need a song from the King of Reggaeton…

6. MAÑANA SERA BONITO by Karol G. The Bichota is on tour so I put two songs of hers. Plus the last song has to end with hoping tomorrow will be even better.

Hello!! My name is Nayeli! I'm a Senior, public health major at The University of Texas at Austin. I am a Mexican-American female. I want to share the latinx culture and trends along with representing fellow latinx students. Moreover, I'm very passionate about public health, in particularly women's health. I hope to inform, entertain, and encourage women and young adults to care for their mental and physical health.