Sisters: More Than Just Siblings

I’m the oldest of three girls. Those are some pretty big shoes to live in. Most of the time, before I moved away to college, my sisters and I didn’t get along. We’re all three years apart, meaning the middle sister is three years younger than I am, and the youngest sister is three years younger than the middle. We were too far away in age to relate about most things but close enough to still have petty and childish arguments. 


Once I left, though, things got so much better. We talk a lot, and while both of my younger sisters are closer because they are experiencing high school together, they still come to me for advice on what to do. The distance really helped our relationships with each other. This sounds so cliché, but sisters are truly your first friends. They saved my life so many times before they even knew what was happening, and now I feel like I’m doing the same for them, even if I’m 240 miles away. I remember staying out late in high school once, and I came home to a deadbolted door. My mom had locked it, punishing me. Who came to the rescue? My sister. I have a million stories of us, most of them are picking on them, but I’ve learned to cherish those memories so much more now that I’m older. Sisters are there for you, even when you wish you were an only child.