Seventh Generation: Products I Hope the Next Generation Has!

“ Would you like some free samples?”

Who doesn’t like free samples?

But many people were surprised when they took the “free samples” that Her Campus Texas girls were passing out at the UT vs Baylor game.

“Oh, here you go. I don’t have any room in my bag.”

“Omg, thank you so much. I was actually freaking out cause I forgot to bring some.”

“Ooo can I take some more?”

So what were these free samples that we were passing out that had such reactions?

We were passing out Seventh Generation Tampon and Pads!

For those who know what Seventh Generation is, you probably also know that they are a company that is known for its work towards reducing environmental impact, along with its environmentally friendly products!

However, not many are aware that Seventh Generation also produces feminine products like tampons and pads.

Seventh Generation wants to drive awareness of feminine products and emphasize the knowledge of them through education – which many people clearly need.

While passing out such feminine products, it was not hard to hear criticism.

Many individuals, mostly males, told ambassadors that “they didn’t need to touch that (samples)” some even made grossed out facial expressions, or even threw the samples back at us or on the floor after finding out they were feminine products.

However, this is why companies like Seventh Generation is working harder to spread awareness through interesting and approachable methods. On Saturday at the game, they brought the coolest bathroom trailer that was temperature controlled (perfect for hot and humid Texas weather) that so many people were able to enjoy.

We heard great feedback from the ladies that used the portable restroom, and I myself was surprised at the fancy restroom along with the quality feminine products.

Not only did I feel fresh using Seventh Generation’s product, but it was nice knowing that the product I was using was all natural and chemical free!

Though it may seem as if I am saying this because this is sponsored, I gathered boxes of leftover samples and gave them to close friends who I knew would also enjoy using these natural and safe products.