Senioritis: How to Cope With an Incurable Disease


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I feel old. Correction, I am old. For once, I know where I’m going on campus. I’m in minimum hours due to a nearly filled degree audit. I don’t recognize the new four-years-younger kids. Most importantly, those kids couldn’t care less about that old senior girl standing in the corner.

That girl is, unfortunately, me.



noun; humorous


A supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.

“I feel like my grades are going to suffer due to senioritis.”


I have fallen victim to the incurable disease otherwise known as Senioritis. Senioritis may seem like a funny saying to some; however, the implications are very real. Think back to senior year of high school. Your grades probably took a small decline. Internal motivation became a chore rather than an intrinsic sentiment. Everyone started saying the dreaded word “last” for any small event. “Last Monday in the month of September that we have to go to XYZ…” You get the point. People get weirdly emotional and overuse the word “last” to engrain a shred of nostalgia into a moment. Nostalgia has a pang of sadness and sadness should not be affiliated with seniors. If anything, we’re the ones who have got everything figured out. Why on Earth is that viewed as sad? Beats me.

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Senioritis should be celebrated. Heck ya I’m a senior. Every senior I know should embrace this diagnosis, because who wants to spend the majority of their “last” year dreading an incurable disease? Rather than spending time wallowing in old age, we should cherish the friendships and memories made in those years, while continuing to make more.