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The first movement begins with dueling harmonies 

sssssss KritiKritiKrik

As if slipping and clasping, 


The second movement is an immediate



As the blunt metal tooth pierces the curve of a mouth,


The third movement floats down in parallels—a scratch, then soft overtures:


As you push the metal forehead back into its place.


Discover the contents and indulge | As you did your inverted concerto


Answer: The sound from opening a metal can (e.g. soda can, tin can)

Having graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with English Honors, Keesilla loves writing. From character development to rhetorical analyses to the pure vibrancy of words, every part must be savored like a warm pastry, which are one of the things Keesilla enjoys to bake when not reading, writing, or staring off into space. Insta: @luckandkees (yes, the pf is a picture of apples)
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