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Regina Trevino: A Chemistry Collegiette

Name: Regina Trevino

Year: Freshman

Major: Chemistry


Hometown: Mission, TX

HCTX: Why are you pursuing chemistry?

Regina: I am pursuing chemistry because I find it very interesting and applicable to a lot of things and improvements in health, technology and the environment. 

HCTX: What is Freshman Research Initiative?

Regina: Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) is a program that gives undergraduates the opportunity to do research of their own as well as work with other research lab streams. Now I am in the Nanomaterials for Chemical Catalysts Stream. 

HCTX: Describe your research project.

Regina: My first experiment was the effects of temperature in the development rate of caterpillars. We placed sets of caterpillars in three different temperatures and recorded the time it took for the caterpillars to form a chrysalis and become a butterfly. 

HCTX: Why did you choose to study that that?

Regina: I was interested in investigating [it] because of the temperature changes that are occurring throughout the world and the possible effects that this might have on the insect population. 

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