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Rachel Emma: A Collegiette’s Passion Turned Fashion Frenzy

What began with a few simple Google searches on prominent fashion blogs, became an eye-opener into the fashion-blogging world featuring posts from everyday girls from all over the globe. It was then that Rachel Emma, a senior and corporate communication major, decided to create her very own outlet. Although unsure about the outcome Rachel went out on a limb and used her personal blog as motivation to try new trends and allow her style to grow. Daydream Frenzy emerged in April of 2011 and has since fostered into a site that Collegiettes can flock to for fun and affordable style tips and trends. Daydream Frenzy is more than a blog for Rachel, it is a great source for food, adventurous places to explore, new experiences and of course, the main focus is all about her passion for personal style.

HCTX: How did Daydream Frenzy get started?
Rachel: Last year I went through this phase where all I wore was Nike shorts, tennis shoes and a regular T-shirt, which is regarded as the basic “college look” to most people. Yes, it’s comfortable and there is nothing wrong with that, but I grew increasingly bored with wearing the same thing everyday. I wanted to broaden my range and start caring again about how I dressed, but I had no idea where to start!
 — It was amazing to me how normal-looking girls could influence so many others just by sharing their own take on style. They taught me a lot about how to dress for your body and what trends look good together. Because they weren’t celebrities and not the tall, skinny models you see on runways, I could relate to them. They were (and still are) such an inspiration to me! After a couple months of being unsure and scared to put myself out there, I finally decided to just go for it. I created my own blog as a way to provide motivation for me to get dressed everyday, dare to try new trends, and to start wearing the clothes I hardly ever touch as well as a space to see my style grow along with my blog! It has been an awesome experience so far, and I hope it never ends!

HCTX: What are you trying to accomplish with DF?
Rachel: I want to be able to show girls that they don’t need to buy top name brands in order to be stylish. They also don’t have to go out and buy a new outfit for every occasion! Your closet is full of possibilities, you’ve just got to know how to look!

HCTX: Who are your favorite fashion icons?
Rachel: In no way shape or form could I ever dress like Lady Gaga (meat dress anyone?), but there is a mentality to her style, which I can’t help but admire. She doesn’t care what people think of her outrageous looks, and she won’t hesitate to wear whatever she wants. Her outlook of “wear what you like and who cares what others think” is something I try to remember everyday. Most people are super nice and compliment my style, but there are others who don’t understand why I bother dressing up for something as mundane as school. And that’s okay. Honestly, it’s just something that makes me feel good about myself and I have fun doing, it so what does it matter?

HCTX: What advice would you give to others wanting to create their own fashion blogs?
Rachel: Don’t be afraid to branch out and try new trends. I used to think high-low skirts would never work for me until one day I just tried one on, and now I’m obsessed with them! Different styles will help your blog remain new and exciting and keep followers from getting bored.

HCTX: What’s your latest fashion obsession? What do you avoid?
Rachel: I’m currently obsessed with asymmetrical hemlines, high-waist shorts, and anything neon.
I try to avoid flip flops (unless I am at the beach) since they used to always be the “easy way” for me back when I didn’t really care what I wore. I also avoid UGG boots at all costs!

HCTX: What are your go-to stores?
Rachel: Forever 21 and Target, but I also love to visit local thrift shops for some cheap finds! I have found some awesome skirts and tops for less than five bucks each!

HCTX: How do you piece things together so perfectly?
Rachel: The seasons definitely affect how I dress; it’s all about layers in winter and skirts for the summer! I like to piece my outfits based on what colors pair well together, but I am a huge fan of mixing prints as well. I have mixed tribal-print with polka dots, polka dots with stripes, stripes with floral, floral with gingham, and gingham with tribal-print among countless others. It’s so fun! Before starting my blog, I had no idea you could mix two, three, or even four different prints together and still look stylish! This new revelation I discovered has increased my number of potential outfits tenfold!

HCTX: How do you keep up with the latest trends on a college budget? Any tips?
Rachel: I am a major advocate for remixing clothes you already have. Every girl knows the feeling of looking into her closet and thinking, “I have nothing to wear!” Even I do that from time to time, and it makes me want to go shopping right away. But because of my small budget, I have to force myself to pull away from that mentality sometimes and look at my wardrobe in a different way. Never underestimate the power of mixing and matching! The pieces in your closet have such versatility to them that they can be paired with almost anything and recreate a whole new outfit. However, if you were still itching to do some shopping, I would try visiting a thrift store first. They restock on clothes nearly every week and if you look hard enough, you can find something really cute without hurting your wallet!

HCTX: Why are you passionate about fashion?
Rachel: I love the fact that fashion is always changing. I mean, if you look at pictures throughout the decades, you can see how people definitely don’t dress the same way we did 30, 20, or even 10 years ago! I’m interested to find out how my own style will change through the upcoming years. I also love that fashion comes in all shapes and forms, and you don’t have to be rich, skinny, tall, or famous to be considered stylish. Fashion doesn’t judge!

Be sure to check out the Daydream Frenzy blog Collegiettes, and follow Rachel’s tweets on the latest fashion must haves! 
Blog: http://daydreamfrenzy.blogspot.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ay_raerae
 Photos courtesy of Rachel Emma

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