Person-Discerning Or Person-Deceiving?

Personality tests and more for the curious, superstitious, cynical, bored, and those looking for fun and/or philosophical discussion topics with your friends about how psychic or bogus the results are! Great for calls or discussion topics while you social distance! 

*Disclaimer 1: Of course, there are multiple free versions of these tests; the ones here are to give one example. Different tests yield different results.

*Disclaimer 2: Whatever you get on the test is not necessarily set in stone! However, much you wish to believe in the tests or your results is entirely up to you.

  1. Myers-Briggs calculates how much of eight personality traits you display and uses four-lettered codes to stand for your tendencies (e.g. ESFP).

    In addition to the usual strength and weaknesses, also includes:

    An additional gauge of an Assertive vs. Turbulent trait 

    Career, romantic, and workplace tendencies 

    Famous historical and contemporary figures that are the same type as you

    Cute little characters for each of the sixteen types

  2. Enneagram tests have nine types ("ennea" means nine in Greek!) for relating to yourself, others, and life. Each Enneagram type has a different pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting that stems from a psychological motivation or perspective towards the world.

    After taking the test, I suggest coming here ( to read about the type, secondary types, personal development, and relationship compatibilities.

  3. Basically, if you were in the Tolkien Universe, what kind of creature you would be, there are nine alignments (philosophy towards morals and structure), video game stats (e.g. strength, charisma), seven races, eleven-ish classes, and levels.

    Even if you don't know the series or game, it's a fun video game-like descriptor. Also, if you have ever heard of someone being "chaotic" or told that you were "true neutral," guess where those terms come from =^)

  4. People respond to different versions of affection and care in varying degrees. Some have more of an effect, and some are less. Which do you respond to?

    This site has quizzes for couples, children, teens, and single people. It also shows the percentages of how much you react to other love languages.

    Bonus: Here's the one that I encountered first -

  5. No, I didn't accidentally misspell "vase." Find out what kind of kink you subconsciously (or maybe consciously?) fantasize about (。• ̀v -)✧

    Side note—I am in no way endorsing unconsented sexual activity. Play safely, mutually, and consensually!

Have fun questioning 'what would I do,' shouting at your computer screen, and/or debating about your results!