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Paul Presley, 2015

Paul Presley is a sophomore Journalism and Radio-Television-Film major who loves movies, television and having a good time. A volunteer for Sneak Peek, an entertainment program on Texas Student Television, Paul is able to share his winning personality with the greater Austin  community every Thursday night.

HCTX: What are your plans after college?
PP: After college, I would love to move to New York and pursue a career as a television writer on a quirky NBC sitcom.
HCTX: Who is your biggest inspiration?
PP: Tina Fey has to be one of my biggest inspirations because she has succeeded in both comedy and writing, and was able to have her own incredibly successful television show.
HCTX: What has been your favorite moment in college so far?
PP: Back in March, through Sneak Peek, I was able to interview Joss Whedon on the red carpet for his newest film. Joss is one of my idols because he has created amazing television programs like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.
HCTX: What is your ideal date?
PP: My ideal date involves going to an Alamo Drafthouse event, like a quote-a-long, then out to dinner somewhere classy but cheap. Then we’d go back to one of our apartments to watch 30 Rock.
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