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My Top Three Latin Albums of 2023

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If you have been living under a rock, then you must not have heard that this has been the year of Latin music. From Peso Pluma blowing up internationally, to Karol G’s recent VMA performance, Latin artists have been making headlines this past year. With Hispanic Heritage Month around the corner, and the release of so many new releases from our favorite Latin artists, here are MY top three Latin albums, SO FAR, of 2023.

  1. Playa Saturno – Rauw Alejandro 

This is definitely my number-one album of 2023 period. Rauw Alejandro has been putting in work this year as he has released two complete albums. His first dropping earlier this year, in January, Saturno, an instant classic, with songs like Punto 40 and Gatas. While the first album was amazing this second drop was beyond what I imagined. As this was his second release of the year, I wasn’t expecting much, but this was everything. From songs like Ponte Nasty, Al Callao’, Diluvio, and the list could go out, but this instantly became my absolute favorite album of 2023. As someone who loves Perreo music, this was the perfect playlist to end my summer. This album is definitely for someone who enjoys going out and dancing because that is what this album makes you want to do! His live performances are also incredible, I was lucky enough to see him live for his Saturno tour, but I would’ve loved a tour for Playa Saturno as well. 

  1. Mañana Será Bonito / (Bichota Season) – Karol G.

This is the year of two albums in one. Earlier this year, in February, Karol G. released Mañana Será Bonita giving us a peek into summer 2023. This album made us cry, smile, dance, it was everything. With songs like Tus Gafitas confirming Karol G’s and Feid’s relationship to Gucci Los Panos reminding us all of that one ex, this album was a perfect combination of every feeling felt through a heartbreak. From the anger and sadness, to the trying to find who you were before it all, and then the final stages of forgetting and remembering who you are. THAT BITCH. Mañana Será Bonita was definitely on repeat this entire summer with my fav being Kármika featuring another fav, Bad Gyal, and Sean Paul. La Bichota, Karol G., then decided to surprise us all and drop Mañana Será Bonito (Bichota Season). This again was a perfect end to summer. This was evenly good with amazing features in songs like Qulona featuring Peso Pluma (like hello ??) and Me Tengo Que Ir featuring Kali Uchis (literally one of my favorite artists ever). This album launched Bichota season into full action and has been on repeat since it dropped in August. 

  1. Génesis – Peso Pluma 

It would not be a top Latin album list without including Peso Pluma. As a Mexican of course he would be included on this list. This album and his features such as Quema and his Bzrp collab have been the icing on top of the cake. It genuinely makes me so proud to see how successful he has become this past year. With his recent performance on the VMA’s of his song Lady Gaga it is clear he is here to stay. This album gave us features including Luna with Junior H. and Las Morras with Blessd, but it also gave us singles like Rubicon and Bye. Génesis is a good mix between collabs and singles. This album is definitely for those who love a good corrido tumbado. I am excited to see what the future holds for Peso Pluma’s future in music. 

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