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Run Time: 1995-1998

Length: 41 chapters

Author: Matsuri Akino

This manga centers around the mysterious Count D, the owner of a pet shop located in “Chinatown”. Things are not as they appear, however, as the pets are unlike any you’ve ever seen. In order to adopt one of his unique “pets” the buyer must sign a contract, a contract with exactly three rules. The biggest rule of all is that no matter the circumstances, you can not tell anyone else about your pet. Meanwhile, on the sidelines, detective Leon Orcot is investigating the elusive Count D on suspicion of criminal activity, but as his investigation continues he learns more than he initially bargained for.


Run Time: 1998 (Novel) & 2007-2011 (Manga)

Length: 5 novels & 41 chapters (Manga)

Author: Fuyumi Ono (Novel) & Ryu Fujisaki (Manga Artist)

In the sleepy Japanese town of Sotoba, far away from any major city, lives Megumi Shimizu. Megumi Shimizu is a teenage girl who hates the small-town life and dreams of moving to the big city and becoming a celebrity. When a new family arrives in the middle of the night to move into the grand castle on top of the overlooking mountain, Megumi becomes enamored. One day Megumi goes out to visit this “high-class” family; however, she never returns home that night. A town-wide search leads to the discovery of Megumi, inebriated & lethargic. Just a few days later Megumi passes away leading to mysterious patterns of death in the town. Will the town’s doctor, Toshio Ozaki, be able to figure out what is killing the town’s people? How will the town react to these drastic changes? 


Run Time: 2003-2011

Length: 15 volumes

Author: Hideo Yamamoto

Susumu Nakoshi is a middle-aged homeless man who has been sleeping in his car for quite a while now. One day a strange-looking man comes up to his car and offers him money if he’ll take part in his experiment. Nakoshi accepts this offer and follows the man up to his office; Nakoshi soon learns that the man, Manabu Ito, has been looking for participants to perform trepanation on. Trepanation is the practice of creating holes in the skull to supposedly increase blood circulation in the brain and release pressure; those who practice trepanation believe it brings out the sixth sense-allowing them to see things unseen by the normal human eye. Ito explains that his interest in trepanation is for the sake of science because he wishes to disprove the existence of the occult. After waking up from the procedure, Nakoshi realizes that he can see distorted humans when using the left side of his body exclusively. Ito reveals that he believes Nakoshi can see ‘Homunculi’. What will happen with Nakoshi’s new ‘powers’?


Run Time: 1972-1973

Length: 5 volumes

Author: Go Nagai

Akira Fudo is a teenage boy living at the house of his close friend, Miki Makimura. One day childhood friend of Akira, Ryo Asuka, returns to tell him that soon the earth will be taken over by demons. Ryo says that these demons have existed long before man and believe it is their time to retake control of the world. After revealing this Ryo convinces Akira to attend the ‘Black Sabbath’ during which Akira merges with a demon known as Amon. Akira manages to maintain much of his control over Amon and uses his newfound demon abilities to defeat other demons. After certain events, Akira begins to question the morality of his task and his relationship with Ryo. Is Ryo really the childhood friend Akira thinks he is or does he have more nefarious plans?

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